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A Little Q&A Session about "The Session"


Q:  What is "The Session"? 
A:  Every Tuesday evening from 8pm-9pm (approx. times) we have a live band set up and play in the Checkerboard Lounge. 

Q:  What kind of bands are we talking about here?
A:  Smaller acts that are working their asses off playing out whenever possible.  We have no room at WBNY (literally and figuratively) for large acts.  They've already made it.  They don't need our help.   

Q:  I wanna see these bands!  Can I come and be a part of your "in studio audience"? 
A:  Sure.  Go to the back of the Student Union at the double black doors with the WBNY bumper stickers on it.   

Q:  What's the price of admission?
A:  On the record:  it's free.  Off the record:  bring me food and beer.

Q:  Who's playing and when?
A:  Check out the schedule for "The Session".