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"The Jam Sesch"

Every Tuesday 6-9pm 
Only on 91.3fm WBNY - Buffalo's original and only alternative radio station


Local Bands

Upcoming shows in and around Buffalo, NY



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   Buffalo has always had a good music scene.  

Here are some bands that Buffalo is puttin' out now.  For the authority on local music, check out the WBNY Local Show.  As always, check back to my "upcoming shows" here for the concert calendar.

Lazlo Hollyfeld - Solid jazz/acid jazz act.  Fairly new band, very fresh sound.

Sweatin' Like Nixon - Another group of Buffalo natives.  Good, solid rock quartet. 

Gamalon - Their 20th Anniversary was on 01.20.02!  Still, their rockin' hard.    

Purnima - This excellent group is composed of brothers Aneal (guitars, bass) & Naryan Padmanabha (hammered dulcimer, percussion). 

Derelict Brew - Formed in 1998 in Rochester, NY, THE DERELICT BREW is a quartet full of magnificent contradictions. Reflecting their embodiment of classic and contemporary music, "Derelict" is taken from Beck, while "Brew" is taken from Miles Davis' revolutionary album, Bitches Brew.

Refer to Manual - As stated by the band, their style is somewhere "in the realm of:  Funk/Scottish/Jazz/Egyptian/Rock/Classical".  These guys have been around since the summer of 2001.

Jazzopetry - Their mission statement:  "Bringing the sounds and cultures of jazz, poetry and hip-hop together to let expression rise to the next level."  These guys are amazing!   

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