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"The Jam Sesch"

Every Tuesday 6-9pm 
Only on 91.3fm WBNY - Buffalo's original and only alternative radio station


Local Bands

Upcoming shows in and around Buffalo, NY



Your loving hosts...

Random links

Here are some random music-related (or not) links.  If you 
have anything good to add, just email me. - The Home Grown Music Network was founded in 1995 by LEEWAY Productions to help talented independent bands reach fans who are seeking fun, interesting & mind expanding music.  The bands we seek are those who are breaking past existing boundaries and creating their own musical genres. - Rope A Dope is a great label...Every band coming off this label is doing something fresh and innovative.  I love these guys! - Best damn venue in Western New York! - Keeping local music alive and giving it a voice here in Buffalo. - Founded in 1865, The Nation is one of the last independent free press sources left in the country.  Stay informed, damn "the man" (and save the empire...). - My personal favorite of the independent record shops here in Buffalo. - I-Town Records was founded in 1996 in Ithaca, New York in hopes to bring the rich musical culture in that area under one banner ; and from there to export the music and the messages of those groups to the four corners of the Earth. - Local producer of the sweet sounds flyin' through Buffalo, Rochester and beyond!  This is the hardest workin' man in show business! - (NLM) is the new music community for the Digital Generation. NLM's mission is to help up-and-coming bands own, promote, and distribute their own music, while at the same time allowing them to keep control over the copyrights of their music. NLM is also dedicated to bringing the independent music community the best live music and entertainment around.


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