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"The Jam Sesch"

Every Tuesday 6-9pm 
Only on 91.3fm WBNY - Buffalo's original and only alternative radio station


Local Bands

Upcoming shows in and around Buffalo, NY



Your loving hosts...

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And here are your hosts:

DJ name:  The Milkman (a.k.a. "Hans Otto")
Real name:  Hans
Years at the station:  5 long, fantastic years
Major:  Individualized Studies/Humanities
Occupation:  Student/Amateur midget tosser

DJ name:  Jammin' Jesse the Bassman
Real name:  Jesse
Years at the station: 2 glorious years 
Major:  Communications/Broadcasting
Occupation:  Student/Navy lifer

DJ name:  Rotterdam
Real name:  Curt
Years at the station:  7 embarrassing years
Major:  Professional student
Occupasion:  Professional student

Starting a band? Got something you want us to hear? Send us an email and we'll be happy to check it out.

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